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ContouReader™ & Recorder Dimensional Metrology Equipment

"PMC Lone Star, the Industry Leader in precision metrology equipment for more than half a century."

ContouReader™ & Recorder Dimensional Metrology Equipment

metrology equipment, dimensional metrology The ContouReader™ by PMC Lone Star is part of a new generation of precision metrology equipment to inspect both internal and external dimensions of literally thousands of parts to guarantee the quality of your products. We offer two versions of the ContouReader™; a standard and new Windows-based computerized version. The ContouReader™ dimensional metrology inspects everything from dimples on golf balls to turbine blades with the same repeatable accuracy to reveal any defects, deviation from specifications, or rough edges that can adversely affect product quality.

The Operation of the Dimensional Metrology ContouReader™

The operation of the dimensional metrology ContouReader™ is simple. A part is placed in a fixture, and the tracing stylus moves gently over the surface of the part, transferring the stylus arm movements into electrical voltages which are amplified and transmitted to the chart recorder or computer display. The recorder moves a pen to draw an exact duplicate of the part contour on chart paper up to 200 times its original size, and with accuracy of ±0.0002 inches on the standardized version. The computerized metrology equipment version will display an exact duplication of the part contour to an infinite magnification. A manual or electronic master overlay is used over the dimensional metrology ContouReader™ tracing to compare for accuracy.

What will you be able to see? Crest forms, root radii, flank angles, pitch diameters, and others, all in seconds on a permanent record strip chart or electronically. The electronic dimensional metrology version can be shared via DXF or DWG format.

ContouReader™ Dimensional Metrology
Tracing Speed
Stylus Point Radius
Stylus Hardness
Stylus Pressure
Minimum Hole Size for I.D. Tracing
Vertical Positioning Range of Probe(s)
Stylus Horizontal Travel
Maximum Vertical Stylus Travel
Maximum Head Tilt
Minimum Included Angle Using Standard Styli


Chart Recorder

Magnifications on Horizontal & Vertical Axis

Single Stylus
Model 150
4" Travel
.005 ips
4 grams
0.15" (with special stylus)
      +15°               -10°
67° Ascending
87° Descending
155 lbs.

Single Stylus
Model 150

metrology equipment, dimensional metrology

metrology equipment, dimensional metrology
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metrology equipment, dimensional metrology
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metrology equipment, dimensional metrology
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metrology equipment, dimensional metrology Contact us for current dimensional metrology pricing and availability.

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